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How do I schedule an appointment?


If you are a first time client:

You can schedule an in-person consultation with me to get the ball rolling! Just click the link below!


If you are a return client:

Step 1: Sign up as a Gator Underground member on this website

Step 2: Submit a booking request COMING SOON, or schedule a consultation with me through the link above!


How booked out are you?


This year I just started to book quarterly— to allow the chance for clients with bigger projects to move at a faster pace, as well as take on new clients with smaller projects.


Here is my 12 Month Booking Schedule:

January- Booking Consultations for February

February- Booking Appointments for April, May, and June.

March- Books Closed for new clients 

April- Books Closed for new clients

May- Booking Consultations for June

June- Booking Appointments for July, August, and September

July- Books Closed for new clients

August- Booking Consultations for September

September- Booking Appointments for October, November, and December.

October- Books Closed for new clients

November- Booking Consultations for December

December- Booking Appointments for January, February, and March.


     What are your hourly rates?


My hourly rate is $150/ hour on Tuesday-Saturday, and $175/hour on Sunday and Monday.

I understand the schedule struggle, which is why I will on occasion work on my ‘weekends’ to accommodate your needs as a client— I just ask for small compensation in exchange for my previously scheduled ‘personal time’.

It also allows a chance for clients that want to jump ahead in my booking process to do so— if you are interested in booking sooner on a Sunday or Monday, inquire while filling out your booking application.


     Do you have any flat-rate flash designs available?


Yes! I absolutely do, and am eager to make them!  If you would like to see my available flash click on the link below. 


What is your deposit policy?


The deposit policy is as follows: 

To reserve the appointment I take a $100 deposit (non-refundable). 

The deposit is 100% non-refundable, but comes off the final price of your tattoo if you show up to your scheduled appointment.

IE: 2 hour tattoo appointment x $150/hour = 


-$100 deposit 

$200 due the day of the appointment.



Rescheduling is available.  If you can not make your appointment day, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule and avoid the loss of your deposit.  If you reschedule more than two times (before the required 48 hours of your appointment) this will result in the loss of your deposit and you will need to place another to make a 3rd appointment.


In case of an emergency

If something happens where you can’t make it and it is the day of the appointment (assuming you communicate to me that you can not make it) , a partial refund will be transferred ($50) towards the rescheduling of your appointment.


In case of un-met medical requirements

If you become pregnant or have a medical condition that arises after you make an appointment, contact me directly as I will cater the policy to best fit both parties.

Medical records may be required if refund is requested.


     How do I care for my new tattoo?


Aftercare is different for everyone! But this is what I’ve found to be the best way for myself as well as the majority of my clients.

Click below to download my aftercare instructions and print them off at home!


 Danielle DeMetz


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